Alintec was founded in 2005 in Aachen and focuses on high quality mechanical engeneering of steel, cast components, stampings and bending parts. Distribution and sales of KUKAMET toggle clamps, horizontal acting toggle clamps, vertical acting toggle clamps, push-pull type toggle clamps, pneumatic toggle clamps as well as hydraulic angle- and flared couplings and cutting rings in Germany and all over Europe. We offer excellent quality for lower prices than our competitors. Shippment from our Warehouse in Aachen, Germany usually takes 3 to 4 working days. Next to our standard products we are able to build custom parts (even in small quantities). 


Moreover, our catalogue offers a great overview of our product ranges with engeneering drawings and measurement charts. Most of our offerings are shipped from our warehouse in Germany. Our aim is to offer high quality products with efficient customer service for low prices.