Toggle Clamp Products: Mechanical and Pneumatic Toggle Clamps, Clamping Elements, Manual Clamps, Hook Type Toggle Clamps...

Toggle clamps are special fastening tools , which build stable mechanical connections with minimum physical effort. These mechanical clamping elements are available in various different forms and fields of application. In general toggle clamps work with knee-levering techniques and are equipped with a self-locking function. This self-locking function hinders unintended opening of the clamps and ensures safe and smoth application.






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Zubehör für Pneumatische Schwenkspanner/ Hebelspanner



Pneumatische Schwenkspanner  CAS - Serie
Pneumatische Schwenkspanner  NAU - Serie
Pneumatische Schwenkspanner  PSB - Serie
Pneumatische Hebelspanner  CALC - Serie
CSW Pneumatisches Abstützelement

CLF5H Hydraulischer Hebelspanner
LHC01 Hydraulischer Hebelspanner
Hydraulischer Schwenkspanner CHS
Hydraulischer Blockzylinder CHTB
Hydraulisches Abstützelement CTC
Hydraulisches Abstützelement CSP

Hydraulisches Abstützelement CSP
Hydraulisches Abstützelement CSF
Hydraulischer Verstärker  HB
Hydraulisches Folgeventil CSV
Hydraulisches Druckbegrenzungsventil CPRV
Hydraulisches Drosselventil CFCV

Die Merkmale der KUKAMET-Schnellspanner


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Toggle Clamp Products- Fields of Application


Each fastening tool of our poduct range serves a specific function:


Stable Mounting in Every Position-Toggle Clamps Make it Possible!


With toggle clamps you can fix and connect your components in a few easy steps without effort. Not only the handling is therefore made easier but also security during application is assured: Worpieces and component parts can be fixed safely on workbenches and assembly parts can be connected to each other


Unsere Marken Our Brands

We offer clamping systems and clamping elements by KUKAMET, Bessey and other brands- high quality for several industrial purposes.

Amongst other products we offer:


The engineering drawings, figures and measuring charts of all assemblies and toggle clamps can be found under the regarding component description.


Further questions or requests (e.g. for construction or 3D-drawings) can be submitted through the contact form with indication of model number or by telephone: +49 (0)2405 84781.


Price list

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Product Catalog

KUKAMET - Produktkatalog Schnellspanner 2016
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