LATCH TOGGLE CLAMPS/ HOOK-TYPE TOGGLE CLAMPS with O-Mounting and Horizontal Mounting Base

Latch Type Toggle Clamps/ Hook-Type Toggle Clamps enable diverse application methods of toggle clamps due to favorable power and movement conditions. The clamps mostly serve the purpose of sealing containers. 


Latch Type/Hook Type Toggle Clamps Fields of Application:


Latch Type/ Hook-Type Toggle Clamps can be used in the metal, tool making and in several types of construction industries as well as in wood and synthetics processing and in order to close falps or lids of containers. Moreover, the tools can be used for fast clamping purposes, to position, open components during manufacturing and to install camping devices. Toggle clamps are universally applicable. 



Latch Type Toggle Clamps/ Hook-Type Toggle Clamps- Product Features:


  • Oil-resistent, ergonomic hold
  • Burnished high-quality steel
  • Lubricated joints and depositories
  • Rivets of stainless steel


Latch Type/ Hook Type Toggle Clamp with Horizontal Mounting Base:

Verschlussspanner / Bügelspanner O-Befestigung mit waagrechtem Fuß
Verschlussspanner / Bügelspanner O-Befestigung mit waagrechtem Fuß
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(€) /Stk.
421-3 S421-3 B421-3 2000 2500
20 320 13,40
model no
A B C min. C max. D E E2 F G H H2 J K L min. L max. M N N2
421-3 38,5 47 77 97 80 19-25 16 31,5-33 24 40 190 40 M8 255 275   7x10 6,5

  • All Toggle Clamps are shipped fully equipped with doll
  • Material: galvanised steel, high-quality stinless steel- ergonomic oil-resistent hold
  • Latch Type/Hook Type Toggle Clmaps are also available in stainless design with safety interlock

Dimensions and technical data are subject to change without notice