Pneumatic Toggle Clamps have many more advantages than the ones over manual clamps: Discharge of the manual user, simultaneous use of single or multiple clamps from variuous different places in specific order through machine control etc.

The right choice of clamp size and model are crucial. In order to choose the right clamping size pneumatic toggle clamps provide possible span force at 6 bar airpressure.

Pneumatic Toggle Clamps Fields of Application:


Pneumatic Toggle Clamps are being used in the metal, tool making- and fixture construction industry as well as in automation and assemly lines, to position and for fast clamping and opening druing assembly of serial parts. Moreover, pneumatic toggle clamps serve purposes of  installation in clamping devices, for clamping in drilling processes, bending, welding and mounting. 


Pneumatic Toggle Clamps- Product Features:

  • Galvanic, zinc-plated high quality steel
  • Rivets of stainless steel and hardened sockets
  • Lubricated joints and depositories
  • Oil and heat-resistent rubber cap of the clamping screw
  • Subsequently adjustable two axis drawer guidance and loss protection with bended ends
  • Double-acting pneumatic cylinder